Featuring: Brad Lea, founder and CEO of LightSpeed VT

Today’s guest is an entrepreneur, influencer, innovator, and sales expert. Brad Lea is the founder and CEO of LightSpeed VT, the technology behind some of the biggest names in virtual training, such as Grant Cardone, Tony Robbins, Daymond John, Henry Schein, and more. Brad is also the man behind the Dropping Bombs podcast and the vlog series Makin’ Moves.

In this episode, Brad shares his path to becoming an expert seller, as well as what many dentists are lacking when it comes to marketing. Listen in to learn what holds too many dentists back from building up their own businesses, where companies can get the best ROI, and what Brad would do to attract new patients if he were a dentist himself.

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What We Covered:

  • How Brad’s rocky childhood turned into such a successful career.
  • Advice for taking the leap to start your own business.
  • The kind of training most dentists are lacking.
  • Some of the main reasons people struggle with building a business.
  • What dentists need to focus on when selling treatment plans.
  • Brad’s tips for dentists to generate prospects.
  • What successful healthcare professionals are doing.
  • A common mindset in dentistry that holds people back.
  • What to keep in mind about money when growing a business.
  • Where the biggest ROI comes from.
  • The difference between training and exposure.
  • Four key ingredients of effective training.
  • What Brad would say to doctors who say they don’t have the time to train staff.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

If you keep things real and authentic, you’re going to draw in the people that should be around you and you’re going to repel the people that shouldn’t be around you. - @TheRealBradLea Click To Tweet You’re going to take a chance, or you’re going to work for someone who did. [email protected] Click To Tweet A dentist knows how to fix teeth, right? Do they know how to close deals? Do they know how to drive traffic? Do they know how to get business? [email protected] Click To Tweet

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