Featuring: Dr. Nada Albatish, owner of All Smiles Dental Centre

Too often, entrepreneurs make the mistake of thinking they can do it all. Though it’s tempting to try tackling every task yourself, it’s crucial to know when you need help. Just ask Dr. Nada Albatish, owner of the multi-disciplinary practice All Smiles Dental Centre.

After starting her practice from scratch as a solo practitioner, Nada quickly realized she needed a strong support team and a group of skilled doctors in multiple specialties to help achieve her goals as a comprehensive dentist. She now leads a staff of 30, and together they serve patients in need of rehabilitative dentistry. Nada joins the podcast today to share her journey to success and the important lessons she learned about distinguishing between achievement and fulfillment, the importance of investing in your team, and more.

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What We Covered:

  • The difference between achievement and fulfillment.
  • Common mistakes dentists make when building their practices.
  • What got Nada interested in dentistry.
  • Her unique journey to success.
  • The program that changed the trajectory of her career.
  • How she transitioned from single-tooth dentistry to comprehensive dentistry.
  • What made her realize she wasn’t happy and what she did to remedy the problem.
  • Why it’s so important to ask for help.
  • How Nada scaled her practice while maintaining her standard of care.
  • Her tips for building and maintaining a strong team.
  • Why she invests so much in her team.
  • How she balances showing her staff she cares about them with making sure they respect her as a leader.
  • One piece of advice she would go back and give her younger self.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

The real happiness that you can experience—the joy that you can experience from success—comes from actually being able to stop and celebrate your wins. - Dr. Nada Albatish Click To Tweet Hire the right people and let the wrong people go. Fearlessly. -Dr. Nada Albatish Click To Tweet Take people with you. Don’t try to do it on your own. … You can do strides and strides better with other people. -Dr. Nada Albatish Click To Tweet

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