Featuring: Cristian and Danielle of Dental Yogis

Balancing your life and practice can be challenging, so it’s important to find ways to engage in daily self-care. Cristian and Danielle of the Dental Yogis have mastered the work-life balance, and the pair excels in coaching people on how to level-up their lives and minds through yoga and meditation.

Listen in as Cristian and Danielle share their stories of working through long-distance as a couple, working in a family practice, and finding their way into yoga. You’ll learn how they work to transform smiles using their unique skills and strengths, what it takes to reset your mind and vibes, and how to formulate a map of your dreams.

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What We Covered:

  • Who Cristian and Danielle are and how they teamed up to start Dental Yogis.
  • How they made it through the years of long-distance.
  • The transitions they will be facing and what it’s like to practice with family.
  • How they originally got into yoga and how it affects their practices.
  • The importance of happiness and finding success through that.
  • How to get started with yoga if you have never tried it.
  • The importance of daily habits and self-care.
  • How Cristian and Danielle balance travel and work.
  • Their best advice on sleep and nutrition.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

Thank God for the struggles because we learned so much from the process - Cristian (Dental Yogis) Click To Tweet When we get emotional, the child in us comes out. - Cristian (Dental Yogis) Click To Tweet We're going to go into work and our whole goal is happy. - Dr. Chris Kerns Click To Tweet The success followed the happiness. - Dr. Chris Kerns Click To Tweet When you're able to instill a habit on a daily basis, you're more likely to reap the benefits than if you're simply committing to an hour of yoga once per week. - Danielle (Dental Yogis) Click To Tweet The thought process of trying to create happiness or force it to be something ends up being a real negative. - Dr. Chris Kerns Click To Tweet

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