Featuring: Dr. Paul Homoly, owner of Homoly Communications

One of the hardest parts of educating people is communicating in the right way. If you’re not delivering your message correctly, it bounces off or doesn’t resonate, so knowing how to get your ideas across is extremely valuable. That’s why we’ve got Dr. Paul Homoly, owner of Homoly Communications, on the show today to share his experience and knowledge on how to improve communication with your clients.

Specializing in the case acceptance process and making experts interesting, Paul breaks down how to ask the right questions to truly get to know your patients’ needs. Listen in as he guides us on questions, structure, and other important aspects of communicating with clients. You’ll learn why people tend to make the decisions they do when it comes to their health and spending so that you can understand your patients and better serve them.

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What We Covered:

  • How to structure communication with the patient.
  • Questions to ask your patients in order to better serve them.
  • How we are often pitting effectiveness against efficiency.
  • The importance of sleep and sleeping more.
  • How to get proper communication training.
  • The best way to learn.
  • What fit conditions are and how they affect your patients.
  • How to make a patient comfortable no matter what their decision is.
  • Tips for making your presentations less complex.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

Great speaking isn’t really about speaking; it’s about having something to say. - Dr. Paul Homoly Click To Tweet Don’t talk about it, talk to it. Get to the point. - Dr. Paul Homoly Click To Tweet {Patients} are interested in outcomes, not the process. - Dr. Paul Homoly Click To Tweet One of the things we love to see with the Clinical Mastery Series are the doctors that get out and start integrating it, and they start putting it to work. - Dr. Chris Kerns Click To Tweet For the past two years we have had a communications coach in our practice, and it has been a tremendous amount of growth for us. - Dr. Chris Kerns Click To Tweet If you had this conversation, what it’s preventing is you taking all these records and doing all this work on patients who are going to say no anyways because it doesn’t fit. - Dr. Chris Kerns Click To Tweet

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