Featuring: Dr. Bill Dorfman, owner of Century City Aesthetic Dentistry

Many of us strive to think outside the box, but for Dr. Bill Dorfman, there is no box. As one of the most successful players in dentistry, Dr. Dorfman has a lot of valuable insight on how to maximize your potential. In this episode, you’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at how he lives life without a box and tips on how to do the same thing yourself.

You’ll learn about how Dr. Dorfman got started in dentistry, as well as what led him down the unconventional path he followed. He explains the importance of copying genius, continued education, doing things right and not being afraid to put yourself out there in front of people. He also shares key moments in his life and the decisions that turned opportunities into something much bigger than they initially seemed.

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What We Covered:

  • What separates Dr. Dorfman from other dentists.
  • How he got started being a dentist “without a box.”
  • Contrasting cosmetic dentistry now and when he first started on the dental scene.
  • How showing up and working with the right people developed his skills and career.
  • Examples of key turning points in his life.
  • Why he’s still in dentistry today.
  • How he created the most successful practice in the Beverly Hills area.
  • The importance of “copying genius” and continued education.
  • How he seized important opportunities and ZOOM became a household name.
  • What LEAP Foundation is and why it’s so important.
  • How to become a better leader.
  • The importance of embracing opportunity.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

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